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The following Lyon Memorial books are available free online courtesy of the Open Library:

  • Lyon Memorial, Vol I -- Families of William of Roxbury, Peter and George of Dorchester (MA families)

  • Lyon Memorial, Vol II -- Families of Connecticut and New Jersey including the descendants of Richard Lyon of Fairfield and Henry Lyon of Fairfield

  • Lyon Memorial, Vol III -- Families of New York including the descendants of Thomas Lyon of Rye

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We will no longer send out DVDs.


A complete set of our quarterly publication, The Lyon's Tale, from 1951 through the current date soon will be available for download in .pdf format. Please stay tuned.

We are in the process of reorganizing and reaffirming our membership rolls. We ask for your patience and understanding. (May 8, 2023)

DNA testing

The Lyon(s) Family Association is cooperating with the FTDNA testing site to study the DNA of Lyon(s) descendants in order to attempt to discover common ancestors. The goal of the project is to see if DNA testing can discover a link between the early Lyon(s) Ancestors or Progenitors. Particularly useful is the testing of men named Lyon(s). Combined with traditional genealogical research, the results can be compared to other Lyon(s) men. Using genetics and the markers on the Y chromosome, similar patterns may become clear. We urge Lyon(s) men to submit a test sample to Family Tree DNA for the 67 or 111 marker test. Learn about our ongoing project and other topics related to Lyon(s) DNA.

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