For general information on the Lyon(s) Family Association, contact the President: 

   Mike Lyon

   4716 Slalom Run

   Owens Cross Roads, AL  35763


For information on our quarterly newsletter, The Lyon's Tale, contact the Editor:

   Lori Lyons

   35 Apple Street

   Norco, LA 70079



For information on Membership and mailing address corrections contact the Secretary / Treasurer: 

   Porter Lyon

   11340 Ethan Court

   Swan Point, MD  20645

For a new membership application, send as much information as you can on a DLL form.  List your forebears as far back as you can. With each generation that you can go back, you increase the possibility of intersecting with our records.


For genealogy/lineage inquiries contact Historian / Database Manager: 

   Bruce Lyon

   200 Luchon Rd.

   Willington, CT  06279


For genealogy/lineage inquiries, at a minimum, we'll need the name of your Lyon(s) ancestor with a birth, marriage, or death date to narrow down the search. The more information you can supply, the more likely the search of our LFA database will be successful in connecting to your Lyon(s) ancestors.


For questions relating to participation in the Lyon(s) DNA project, contact the DNA Administrator: 

   Diana Gale Matthiesen